A leading FMCG companies in India operating in beauty and healthcare spaces. Emami was seeking services from a medical communication expert in digital marketing to provide Subject Matter Expertise in Ayurveda medicine, content strategy, content development (text, info-graphic and educational video) and digital marketing. IMC supported Emami with various patient education content based on its areas of business operations for use in its overall digital marketing and branding activities.

  • Ayur drugs and its ingredients
  • A to Z Disease and its treatments in Ayurveda
  • Infographics - Multilingual
  • Educational video on Ayur sciences - how it work series
  • Social Media Plan and Content Strategy
  • Community website: To build a community of Ayurveda and be a one stop solution to this community. The portal will help explore, understand and adopt Ayurveda by sharing evidences based practices in the world of Ayurveda.


  1. Help connecting Emami brand in digital space with right content, design and technology.
  2. The digital branding helps Emami to connect with potential client, partners, employees, service providers and end users.

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