Strategic Marketing Services

InfocusRx team provides strategic marketing support for No # 1 Population Health Analytics company -Vitreos Health. The company offers advanced population management tools leveraging EHR, claims and socioeconomic data for Healthcare organizations. The services include strategic marketing, design, content and technology services.

InfocusRx™ helps market Vitreos product and services without increasing their in-house marketing staff, at half the cost, with the assurance of quality and timely delivery of services. We serve as an extension of their marketing department, consisting of expert medical writers, copywriters, editors, business insight researchers, marketers, website designers, multimedia production team, programmers and dedicated project manager. InfocusRx service offerings includes branding, communication strategy across all the touch points, product UI design, inside sales, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), business development support, campaign design and execution, blog-writing, case-studies, Whitepapers, webinars with success rate of more than 200 CXO level attendees from ACO, PCMH, Physician Groups and Payers, participation in Major US conference and exhibition - HiMSS, AMGA, HFMA, AHIP, and setting up of offshore development centre in Hyderabad.

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