Consumer Experiential Study

Sanitary Napkin

Seeing exponential growth in the Indian hygiene market, the client in this case was seeking support of a marketing partner to design marketing and promotional strategies, communication tools and setting up a distribution channel for sanitary napkins, baby wipes and facial wipes in the Indian market. InfocusRx carried out an exhaustive experiential consumer study, market research, prepared a marketing plan, developed communication schemes and proposed a marketing strategy for rolling the client’s product into the organized retail sector.

The team worked towards the development of a competitive positioning (differentiating factor) of the product by creating a unique value for it in the market by determining the market size, major competitors (if any or substitute) and the positioning strategies being implemented. We directly interacted with the prospects and customers which enabled us to uncover & understand their true wants and needs. The interactive sessions proved beneficial in Market segmentation (grouping individuals on the basis of the encountered challenges). The approach helped us define efficient marketing plans for each group combating the challenges faced by them. Later the project was focused on developing the brand strategy.