Publication Writing

Project 1- Creating assessment items for adaptive quizzing for Health Sciences

Created design and development of Adaptive quizzing, scenario-based learning case studies , and outcome-based learning which is tied to the learning objectives and study guides. The scope also included project management support and quality assurance. We delivered content in compliance with style guide and the suggestions given by the subject matter experts and language experts. The subjects included- Medicine, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary and allied sciences.

Refer: e-learning-content

Project 2- Content support for e-learning course on one of the disciplines of Allied Health Science

Provided content for the course development for one of the disciplines of Allied Health Science for one of the biggest publishing houses in the US. The course consisted of several modules which in turn consisted of lessons and topics. The scope of work included creating and storyboarding course content based on the topic and lesson learning objectives from the base source material provided, and writing and revising assessment items based on the content. The quality and standardized content could integrate well with the end-clients software applications. The deliverables also included suggestions on the art and audiovisuals.

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