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Offering unbiased, up to date patient focused quality education across forty different speciality having reference information, expert advice, links to other online destinations, helpful hints and checklists, and ways to connect with other consumer and guardian.

InfocusRx offers high quality consumer medical and healthcare informative content writing services on disease conditions; family health - child health, teen health, men health, women health, seniors health, sexual health, tests, procedures, drugs, supplements, herbs; wellness–pregnancy, care during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, newborn care, childcare, food & nutrition; beauty-anti-ageing-cosmetic surgeries, hair care, skin care, spa salon; fitness – exercise, yoga, weight loss, weight gain, stress management, addictions and health news.

Solutions offer:

Personalized information subscription through email and mobile

Personalized content that motivates for preventive and proactive care management

Surveys, polls, discussion, blogs and forums

Multimedia Education Tool

Social Media

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Support Center

Online community and discussion forums


Patient Newsletter

Build a circle of trust and compassion among your patients by offering monthly multilingual (English / Hindi / Telugu) patient newsletter. HealthBrioTM Patient Newsletter Solution comprises of Editorial section, Patient education content (personalised and customized as per the speciality), Hospitals events / achievements, Medical Camps, Clips and Humour Jokes, Testimonials and other updates which will help building emotional connect and care among the current and potential patient groups. Our Medical Writing Team and specialist work with your team to draft yearly road-map for monthly newsletter production which can be distributed using electronic and print medium to your patient network.

Sample Annual Road Map for consumer newsletter on heart care.
Main Sections
  • January Overall heart health- Preventive care, nutrition and lifestyle
  • FebruaryHeart attack
  • MarchBlood pressure
  • AprilHeart failure
  • MayStructural heart disease
  • JunePeripheral heart disease
  • JulyHeart diseases in children
  • AugustArrhythmias (abnormal heart beats)
  • SeptemberHeart health and related diseases (diabetes, asthma, GI problems etc)
  • OctoberNew treatments (surgeries, medicines)
  • NovemberDiagnostics (Tests, preparation of the patient, time, result)
  • DecemberDrugs simplified/patient education on special drugs (How, when and when to take the drug; precautions if any; other drugs
Hospital Round up

The below topics could be alternated or clubbed together over the months

  • Health camps
  • Conferences
  • Health check ups
  • New schemes
  • New appointments
  • Other news related to hospital
  • Interesting cases simplified
Additional sections

The below topics could be alternated over the months

  • Quotable quotes (hope, health, wellness, etc)
  • Celebrity check (a brief info about celebrities who have/had heart diseases)
  • Tip of the month


Health Library

Complement your patient experience with a patient-centred health education resources on your website. Our comprehensive health library covers the continuum of care in nearly 30 speciality written in plain language in accordance with health literacy design principles keeping your patient education goals in mind. HealthBrioTM Health Library will easily and affordably turn your website into a valuable resource for your patient and their families. Extend quality care into the home - provide a better experience for your patients and support shared decision making with HealthBrioTM Health Online.

Key Features:

Engage with your patient anytime anywhere with HealthBrioTM Health Library :

  • Get instant access to clear , effective and engaging education and communication, patient-centered content with highly illustrated pages
  • Customizable , user friendly interface integrated with your website that complements your marketing and education goals
  • Patient centric news section based on your hospital and clinic speciality (cardiology, diabetology, Neurology, Nephro, Gastro, Peadiatrics, Oncology, Dental ...)
  • Humour, polls, Quiz, featured articles, health tips, clips and patient testimonials
  • Read-to-use, off-the-shelf web-based patient education, print-on-demand patient education feature that provides instant access to thousands of handouts on diseases conditions, health and wellness topics and medications
  • Importantly, HealthBrio Health Library content can help engaging your patients and promote your products, programs and services while increasing awareness and reputation of your hospitals and clinics