After deciding for a medical travel, there are a number of arrangements the traveler has to focus on. It is important to know the process of medical tourism when planning for a treatment or surgery abroad. While arranging for the travel through a medical tourism facilitator, always check for the quality of service and the detailed process of the journey.

The medical tourism process outline is given below Medical Tourism Process

Pre-Travel Arrangements

1. Passport and Visa: Before starting on the medical travel, the person should make sure that his passport is valid at least for the next 6 months; if he doesn’t possess a passport, then with the help of program manger he can arrange for it. The person should take care about visa requirements also. The procedure, flight tickets and accommodation for the required days should be confirmed.
medical tourism process1
2. Destination program manager: The medical tourism facilitator should also arrange for a destination program manager who will take care of all the requirements of the patient in the foreign country.
3. Pre-surgery consultation: Consulting the concerned physician within 24 hour of arrival is a must, as the physician might review the entire medical reports and may request for additional medical tests to ensure that the patient is completely ready for further procedures.

Post Treatment Recuperation
After surgery, if the patient’s condition is stable, then he will be discharged from the hospital for recuperation period or recovery period. He may request for assistance either from the program manager or from hospital or hotel management.

Tourism after Treatment
If the surgeon is satisfied with the patient’s health progress, he will be given permission to enjoy the tourist attraction spots of the destination country. The patient may request the destination program manager to arrange for the trip.

Overview of the Process of Medical Tourism

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